Why hire a landscape designer?

Imagine it’s a calm, quiet afternoon and you’re looking to kick your feet up and relax. Do you stroll to your backyard, recline by the pool and take in beautiful scenery or say inside? Well, that all depends on whether or not you’ve hired a landscape designer. Even though everyone wants a beautiful backyard with […]

How to work successfully with your landscape designer

By now, you probably know that we assign an experienced landscape designer to every Resort Backyard client so that you can share your ideas about your backyard more effectively. If you don’t know this, it means you haven’t read our blogs on how Resort Backyard works and why you’d be crazy not to pick us. […]

How does Resort Backyard work?

We all know that ordering something online is often not as direct as picking a product and filing your credit information. If you’re anything like us, you prefer to see what your options are — view every color from every possible angle and explore possible customization options. We don’t see why ordering an online landscape […]