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We connect you to one of our experienced designers, and your process can begin.

They will receive all the information you’ve provided, including your quiz results and anything else you want to add.

Sit back and watch us do our thing because this is where we deliver on our promise of bringing your favorite vacation to your backyard.

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The front yard is the first impression of your outdoor living space that everyone will see. Elevate the way you and your guests view the entrance to your home by creating the ultimate front yard design.

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The back yard should be your relaxing and entertaining oasis, designed specifically to your wants and needs. Give your space an upgrade, and let us create your custom retreat in your own backyard.

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Immerse yourself in the all-inclusive resort backyard experience, and let us transform your front and backyard spaces into something that truly resembles paradise.

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Custom Package Add-ons

Begin by selecting everything you want in your backyard.

To make it easier, we already have a list of packages for you to choose from.

You can either splurge on our all-Inclusive package or pick between the Blissful Backyard and Grand Entrance.  But that’s not all.

You can also select add ons like lighting design and a garden because nobody’s dream resort fits a single template.

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Our team of talented designers helps you create your ideal vacation spot right in your backyard.

You may be wondering, “what if I don’t like the final results?”

We guarantee that you will because the design process involves a lot of communication.

Besides the preferences you select, you’ll also have the chance to chat with your design team.

It’s your vacation, you’re the boss, and we know that!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Resort Backyard?

Resort Backyard is reinventing landscape design. Our delightful, all-online design process helps homeowners reimagine their outdoor spaces, including plants, hardscaping, functional spaces (kitchens, pergolas, playspaces), and the exterior of their home, including paint, siding, windows, doors, and roofing.

Resort Backyard’s talented team of designers and horticulturists use your photos and videos, combined with technology, data, and plant science, to design your outdoor spaces without ever stepping foot on your property. After completing the design portion of the process, we help connect you with a local, vetted contractor who can install your design. Resort Backyard is how outdoor renovation projects get done, starting with design.

2. How Is Resort Backyard Different Than Traditional Landscape Design?

Resort Backyard’s process and scope of work set us apart from traditional landscape design.

We created Resort Backyard as an alternative to the time and cost-intensive process of traditional landscape design. Through our online design studio, we empower homeowners and designers with technology, connecting clients with the best design talent, working on your timeline (no mid-day site visits), and keeping costs low.

In refining the process of landscape design, we’ve also realized the limitations of traditional landscaping’s scope of work. We design outdoor spaces that help our clients live better, more beautiful, and sustainable lives outside. We are a one- stop-shop for everything from plantings and hardscape to functional alfresco rooms and exterior design, including paint, windows and doors, and roofing.

3. What Do Resort Backyard Designs Not Include?

After purchasing a Resort Backyard design package, we’ll take you to our Yard Builder™, where you’ll share photos and videos, inspiration images, answer a couple of questions about your preferences and how you want to use your outdoor space, and take a style quiz! After you submit your pre-design materials, we’ll get to work on creating a 3D model of your home and property, which will serve as the canvas on which we create your design. You’ll receive your House Model about a week after submitting your materials. Three to four weeks following the House Model, you’ll receive the first draft of your photorealistic renders. One reason we love using renders throughout the design process is this allows our clients to envision their future outdoor space and provide detailed feedback in our Feedback Studio. This part of the journey is interactive and iterative. We’ll respond to all of your questions and feedback and get to work implementing your changes. At the end of the design process, you’ll receive your final design, which includes photorealistic renders, CAD plans, and a thorough plant and furniture list. If you signed up for an exterior design package, you’ll also receive a detailed list of materials, including paint colors. Once we’ve finalized your designs, we shift toward bringing your new outdoor space to life. We’ll connect you to a vetted contractor in your area to get your design installed. If we don’t yet have a vetted pro in your area, we’ll work to research, vet and identify a contractor we expect to be a good fit for your project.


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